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Physical Science

Computer science

Biological Science

Commerce and Accountancy




Tuition Fee as stipulated by the State Government of Tamil Nadu and Tamil Nadu Teacher Education University, Chennai from time to time.

Meet The Team

Dr. G. Sidharthan


Dr. G. Sidhardhan, Chairman of the college is former Registrar, University of Kerala. He has worked as Lecturer, Professor and Post Graduate Professor of Commerce in Various Colleges till 1992. Then he joined Anna University, Chennai, as the Head of Management (MBA) Division and became Registrar, University of Kerala in 1997. He retired in 2003, January and now is in overall charge of Narayanaguru College of Engineering, Narayanaguru Siddhartha College of Engineering and Siddhartha College of Teacher Education, both founded by him. As a research guide he has produced several Ph.Ds. He teaches for MBA and guides Ph.D work in the college.


Managing Trustee

Smt. G. Chandralekha is a post graduate in Economics with considerable experience in Plantation Management and Educational Administration. She provides a mother’s touch to every student. She spends most of the time in the college and is available for redressal of complaints and grivances. She takes care of the quality of food in the hostel and hygiene in the campus.