Commerce Department

About the Department
“Commerce is the trial to predict the future”-Anonymous.
Commerce is considered as one of the most prevalent career options in India. Commerce
Education develops the required knowledge, attitudes and skills for fruitful heading of Trade,
Commerce and Industry. To meet the growing demands of the business society, there is a great
demand of commerce education. The significance of commerce education has become more
imperative. It advocates a marked change in the way commerce and management education is
perceived in India. Our department has a well-equipped classroom with all necessary resources
for teaching and learning. Our department has an active Commerce club which helps to mould
the student teachers in cultural, disciplinary, practical and social values. It also develops certain
aptitudes which are found to be of great value in our day to day life. In addition the club enables
the blooming teachers to recognise their role as enlightened citizens. Moreover, the department
provides chances for our students to develop their talents and interests in the field of teaching
and learning. The department has maintained a high-ranking academic profile which is clearly
reflected the outstanding academic performance of the students.


  • Produced cent percent results every year.
  • World Consumer’s Rights Day was celebrated on March 15.
  • National commerce day was celebrated on first Monday in August.
  • Our department students participated and won prizes in various cultural competitions .


  • To develop skills for performing intellectual and physical activities related to commerce
  • To promote the individual to become a self-sufficient personality through commerce education.
  • To provide value-based education to make the students competent, accountable, and civilized


  • To develop and describe interests of learners in ideas and tasks related to commercial activities.
  • To develop competent and well developed students who can take up the challenges of the future
    on behalf of the community, the society, the nation and the world.