English Department

About the Department

The English Department of the spirit- that great Quagmire that Lurks at the bottom of All
of us.- Jack Spicer
Language is a system of communication comprising a set of sounds and written
symbols used by the people of a specific country or region for speaking or writing. English
remains the medium of instruction in colleges, universities, and administrative levels. Our
department primarily emphasizes on independent learning, creativity, flexibility, assertiveness, and
leadership skills. Our department has a well-furnished Language Lab with multi-media audio-

visual systems and computers. We have a library that stocks relevant books on literature and
language. The Department systematizes curricular and extra-curricular activities for the students
including Quiz Contests, Seminars, Group Discussions, and annual play productions. Keeping in
pace with the fast-emerging situation in the global field of education, we strive to flourish and
march towards our goals of developing quality language teachers.


  • Our department students take part and won prizes in many cultural competitions at national and
    state levels.
  • Our department students take part and present papers in the national and international
  • Our department students accomplished 100 % results in University Examinations.


  • To enable them to develop critical and creative thinking
  • To inculcate social values through language and literature


  • To make our learners proficient in English
  • Language for Life