Biological Science Department

About the Department
“Our world is built on biology and once we begin to understand it, it then becomes
technology”.-Ryan Bethencourt
Biology is an entirely fascinating field of science that has been the center of focus for
centuries. Biological Science Department provides an amiable atmosphere for student teachers to
express their feelings easily and encourage self-confidence among themselves. Various
instruction methods such as Debate, Group discussion, Team teaching and Project method are
implemented to make teaching learning effective. We adapt varied teaching – learning
approaches such as project, seminar, group discussion etc., applicable to the learners making
them imparting science in the secondary schools. Departmental teachers try to encourage all-
round improvement of students, in addition to their academic success. To complement the
classroom instruction, and smooth working of all co-curricular events, we organize Science club,
Eco-club, field trip, garden maintaining, planting trees, workshop, celebrating national science
days, quiz competitions etc. We encourage our students to participate in cultural
competitions in numerous institutions to express their hidden potentialities. We afford a
comprehensive education in the basics of biology via the classroom setting and through hands –
on learning in laboratories.

  • Students from Biological Science Department achieved centum percent outcomes in biology for
    the previous 14 years in the university examination.
  •  Every year our department celebrates National Science Day on February 28th.


  • To establish a relationship between scientific knowledge with practical life.
  • To inculcate the spirit of inquiry and to make the students adopt appropriate teaching


  • To make the students aware of the aspects of science that are environment-based and life centered.